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Ruminant Nutrition

November 2020

November 18–20 | 2:00-6:00pm GMT+1 (Rome time zone)

An On-line event on Zoom.us 

Day 1

The first day will focus on CNCPS research updates, and their application to modeling ruminant biology.

Day 2

The second day will be dedicated to dairy calf and heifer nutrition, with particular emphasis on feeding strategies and ration formulation to achieve optimal health and growth, and maximize productivity.

Day 3

The third day will focus on applied dairy cow nutrition, with consideration to strategies for improving nutrient utilization efficiency and management.

Our Speakers

Mike Van Amburgh, PhD

Professor at Cornell University

Professor at the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University. His researches as been focused in ruminant nutrition and management. He is one of the developers of the dynamic model CNCPS (Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System).

Tom Tylutki, PhD

President and CEO at AMTS

President and CEO, Tom Tylutki, holds a PhD from Cornell University and has been involved in the development and training of the original Cornell model since 1990.

Andreas Foskolos, PhD

Assistant Professor at Thessaly University

Currently assistant professor in Animal science. His research has been focused on ruminant nutrition and nitrogen use efficiency, during his PhD at Univeristat Autonoma de Barcelona, Post Doc with Prof Van Amburgh at Cornell University (USA), and research fellow at Aberystwyth University (UK).

Bill Prokop, DVM

Dairy Innovations, LLC 

Graduated form Cornell University in Veterinary Science. He worked as dairy practitioner and dairy manager for over 35 years, with a focus on prevention of clinical disease through ration formulation, and best management practices, with an emphasis on animal welfare.

Rodrigo Molano, PhD

PhD in Nutrition

Rodrigo was awarded his PhD from Cornell University in 2020, and did ground breaking research in calf nutrition under the auspicies of Dr. Mike Van Amburgh. This fall he joined the Innovation and Development Team of the Canadian Network for Dairy Excellence (Lactanet).


Are you a ruminant nutritionist always willing to be up to date on the most recent research?

Do you want to work with a nutrition model to be fast and accurate?

Do you care about your clients, and do you want them to be more efficient and profitable?

For these reasons you don’t want to miss this opportunity…

After the success and the great response to the last 2 AMTS courses, we are excited to announce the:


Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems

November 18th, 19th and 20th

An On-line event on Zoom.us

Full event € 460,00


If you want to pay with wire transfer, instead, click here


• The latest updates of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) model, on which the AMTS software is based;

New developments in the nutrition of growing animals;

• Formulating dairy cows ration to optimizing nitrogen balance;

• Using the model to troubleshoot clinical nutrition in dairy cattle.

The course will host 2 speakers every day. Each speaker will give 45 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes session in which the theory will be applied through the AMTS software.

Talk with the speakers during the Q&A sessions:

You will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions


Daily Agenda:


November 18th

  •  2 pm Greetings and Introduction

  • 2:15 pm CNCPS overview and Updates

  • Tom Tylutki

  •  4 pm Break

  • 4:15 pm Clinical Nutrition in Transition

  • Bill Prokop


    November 19th

  •  2 pm Greetings and Introduction

  •  2:15 pm Requirements and feeding strategies for pre and post-weaning calves.

  • Rodrigo Molano

  •  4 pm Break

  •  4:15 pm Growing heifers: requirement and feeding strategies

  • Mike van Amburgh


    November 20th

  •  2 pm Greetings and Introduction

  •  2:15 pm Formulating dairy cattle diets for improved milk nitrogen use efficiency.

  • Andreas Foskolos

  •  4 pm Break

  •  4:15 pm Open discussion about diet formulation and optimization

  • Tom Tylutki

    November 18th, 19th and 20th

    An On-line event on Zoom.us

    Full event: € 460,00


    If you want to pay with wire transfer, instead, click here

    Organized by: 

    Elena Bonfante, DVM, PhD

    Dairy Innovations Italia

    Independent consultant for Dairy farms. Focused on dairy cows nutrition and management. Distributor and tech support for AMTS in Italy.

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